Victoria always loved creating. Since she was a little girl she has designed and sewed her own unique clothes. Later on she discovered dancing and participated in quite a few contests and shows back in Moldova.

However drawing was something that she would come back to throughout her life and she always felt the need to deepen her knowledge.

Victoria took the Milan Mastery Program and studied under world renowned artists Elle, John and Dimitra Milan.

Today Victoria is a mixed media artist whose style can be described as "abstract realism".

Deeply inspired by her roots and feminine force, courage and wisdom she explores and rediscovers her heritage combining it with portraits of strong women.

She enjoys painting portraits and the process of transformation from the initial 'monster layer' to the final result. In her creative process she uses acrylics, oil paint and oil pastels for texture. Clean lines and rich, deep dark colours are characteristic of her paintings.

Currently Victoria lives in Washington DC with her husband and creates in her home art studio.


Victoria is from the Republic of Moldova - a small country with a big heart. Moldova has gone through some tough times during the last four decades and in the early 2000's Victoria decided to leave home to discover the world. This decision led her on a path of self-discovery and soul-healing.

Travelling and living in different countries put her through some challenges and she learned to find calm in the storm, to breathe deep and be present.

"Eventually I turned my attention inwards to discover my deepest traumas, allowed emotions to come to the surface, felt them, sat still and listened to them. I faced my fears and I let them go.

I challenged my boundaries, learned new skills and languages along the way, tried new things and learned from my experiences.

I decided to take risks and those were always the best decisions"

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