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Victoria Ganea

Feminine Force (Hands on the Hips)

Feminine Force (Hands on the Hips)

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One of the geometrical signs embroidered on the Traditional blouse 'IA' (ee-ya) is called 'Hands on the Hips'. On this painting this sign is located in the triangle part of the red earring.

This symbol resembles a woman with her hands on her hips - the most eloquent symbol of the feminine force in all its occurrences: the seductive woman confident of her powers, the protective mother who transmits tradition through her family and is a loving wife.

I started the creation of my own IA, the embroidery can take a long time, up to a year sometimes, depending on how intricate the design is and which embroidery technique is chosen. 'Hands on the Hips' is one of the signs that I chose for the embroidery design on my Traditional Blouse.

Oil paint and oil pastels on gallery wrapped canvas 

20 X 16 inches, 1 1/2"

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